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  • Definitions, types of massage, benefits and contraindications
  • Massage history
  • American Massage Therapy Association:info, FAQ therapist database
  • Therapist database worldwide
  • Massage laws nationwide
  • School database in USA, England and Canada
  • USA listing of Massage Schools
  • Sensual and Erotic Massage

  • Directory of licensed therapists, schools, products
  • Massage videos

  • Prominent massage schools: Academie de Massage Scientifique Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics American Institute of Massage Therapy, Inc. The American Institute of Clinical Massage Atlanta School of Massage Jack Latson College of Massage Therapy America Institute of Massage Austin School of Massage Therapy Ashmead College Ahern's Massage Therapy School Baltimore School of Massage Reviews of schools by
  • Professional resources: Massage therapist salary guide

  • Cool Web Resources
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